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Shalom Zones are Energized


The Macon Shalom Zones met on Wednesday, March 10, at the Family Investment Center. Turn out was good including representatives from five of the six Shalom Zones and Mayor Robert Reichert. Community Partnership representative, Travis Blackwell, handed over the role of facilitating the Shalom Zones to Community Partnership board member Frank Austin of the Austin Center for Community Development. Susannah Maddux and Shannon Fickling presented about the Macon Action Plan explaining upcoming changes to the “Urban Core” surrounding downtown Macon. Developments include improved parking, lighting, and landscaping, a new entrance to the Ocmulgee National Monument and Museum, and an Artists’ Village in east Macon, as well as much more. Macon-Bibb Commissioner Virgil Watkins discussed new funding to address blight in Macon. He reminded meeting attendees that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and that neighborhood organization is key in grabbing municipal attention regarding dilapidated, dangerous, and unsightly properties. Mayor Reichert pledged support of the Shalom Zones including bringing back national Shalom Zone trainers to teach new volunteers from within the communities. Shalom Zone representatives discussed accomplishments within their individual zones. Energy at this meeting was great, but to keep changes happening in our neighborhoods we need continued participation from residents within the six Shalom Zones: Lynmore Estates, Village Green, Pleasant Hill, Bellevue, Bealls Hill, and east Macon. If you live in one of these neighborhoods and would like to participate in the Shalom Zone movement contact Frank Austin at austinsmithcenter@gmail.com. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th at 3pm, location TBA.

20150311_164500Mayor Reichert offers words of

support to Shalom Zone residents.




20150311_154718Commissioner Watkins explains

why it takes a while to demolish

blighted houses.



20150311_151249The Macon Action Plan will bring

changes to the Urban Core surrounding




20150311_152536 20150311_170649Residents from 5 of the 6 Shalom Zones attended.







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