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Shalom Zones Are Going Strong!


The Macon Shalom Zones held a city-wide zones meeting on Wednesday April 8th at the Family Investment Center. All six Shalom Zones were represented and Coordinator, Frank Austin announced a new seventh zone, Unionville, which was also represented. Guest speaker, Alexandra Leahy, of the Community Foundation of Central GA notified residents of Village Green and East Macon of a grant opportunity to support programs and initiatives in their neighborhoods. Resident groups in these areas who want to do projects around neighborhood pride, connectedness, and beautification, education, health and nutrition, or leadership development should check out the grant application online at www.cfcga.org/neighborhoods. Rev. Stacey Harwell-Dye spoke about the roving listeners approach in asset based community development. She discussed how residents meet with their neighbors to determine where a community’s assets are, reminding us that everyone has a gift to bring to their community. Assistant County Manager, Charles Coney, was present and announced a town hall meeting on blight to be held April 9th at 6:30pm at the Peyton Anderson building. All the Zones reported on their on-going activities and projects including several Great American Cleanups, community gardens, and educational programs for neighborhood kids. Residents also looked at their neighborhood maps and considered expanding their boundaries to include more streets. In conclusion, Mr. Austin announced the national representatives of the Shalom Zone movement will be rejoining us for a second round of Shalom Zone resident training. We need 36 residents to participate in this training! If you live in Lynmore Estates, Village Green, Pleasant Hill, Bellevue, Bealls Hill, east Macon, or Unionville and you want to have a positive impact on your neighborhood then it’s time to get on board with this exciting grassroots movement. Contact Frank Austin at 478.714.1885 or austinsmithcenter@gmail.com with any questions. 


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