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Shalom Zone Training is Here!

   The Macon Shalom Zone Training Series begins this Saturday, May 30th, at Central Georgia Tech building K in Macon and will close with a Commissioning Ceremony for those who complete the training on Saturday, August 15th. Communities of Shalom is an asset based approach to community development.  This means local citizens identify the skills, services, and talents that already exist among the people of their neighborhood and build on these assets when it comes to creating the change they want to see within their community.  At the Shalom Zone Training Series citizens from within the seven zones:  Lynmore Estates, Village Green, Pleasant Hill, Bellevue, Bealls Hill, east Macon, and Unionville will learn new skills and develop old skills related to community development. If you live in one of these zones, know someone who does, or simply have a connection to one of these neighborhoods and want to see it thrive please contact Frank Austin at 478-714-1885 or austinsmithcenter@gmail.com to get onboard with this exciting movement. Don’t wait for someone else to change things because YOU can be the difference you want to see!

Shalom Zone Training Series Schedule:

May 30, Saturday, 9am-2pm: Orientation/Session 1 “Sustainable, Systemic Change”

June 13, Saturday, Computer Lab: Sessions 2 and 3 homework

June 26, Friday, 5pm-8:30pm: Session 2 “Health, Healing, Harmony, and Wholeness”

June 27, Saturday, 9am-2pm: Session 3 “ABCD”

July 11th, Saturday, Computer Lab: Session 4 and 5 homework

July 24th, Friday, 5pm-8:30pm: Session 4 “Love for God, Neighbor, and Self”

July 25th, Saturday, 9am-2pm: Session 5 “Organizing for Community Transformation”

August 8, Saturday, 9am-2pm: Session 6 “Many Cultures, Many Faiths”

August 15, Saturday, 9am-1:30pm: Session 7 “Review and Commissioning Ceremony”

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