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Shalom Zone Training Graduates 49 Residents
By Frank Austin Saturday, August 15 marked a milestone in the history of Macon - Bibb with the Commissioning Ceremony of the Shalom Zone class of 2015. As the Coordinator of the 10 Shalom Zone Areas in Macon-Bibb it was my privilege
Next Shalom Zone Training
Session 4 of our Shalom Zone training series, Love for God, Neighbor, and Self  happens this Friday, July 24th, from 5pm to 8:30pm in our regular room in building K at CGTC. Come to hear what our National Trainers have
Shalom Zone Training Continues
We have completed three of our Shalom Zone training sessions and hosted one group online class so far for this summer's Shalom Training Series! The sessions have been very informative and motivating for Shalom Zone residents. So far we have covered
Finding Shalom in Macon
So many residents came for Shalom training, every seat was taken and additional chairs had to be brought in to accommodate the number of participants. The number of Macon residents who turned out for the first session of the 2015 Shalom
Shalom Zone Training is Here!
   The Macon Shalom Zone Training Series begins this Saturday, May 30th, at Central Georgia Tech building K in Macon and will close with a Commissioning Ceremony for those who complete the training on Saturday, August 15th. Communities of Shalom is
It’s Gonna be a Shalom Filled Summer!
The most recent city-wide Shalom zone meeting was held on Wednesday, May 6th at River Edge in Macon.  We had a very large turnout and heard from several guest speakers. Sheknita Davis of the Middle Georgia Regional Commission spoke on
Next City-Wide Shalom Zone Meeting
Hello Shalom Zone Family!The next City-Wide Shalom Zone meeting will be held on Wednesday May 6 from 4pm until 5:30pm at the Middle Georgia Regional Commission Office. The office is located at 175 Emery Highway, Suite C Macon, Georgia 31217. Please reach out
Shalom Zones Are Going Strong!
The Macon Shalom Zones held a city-wide zones meeting on Wednesday April 8th at the Family Investment Center. All six Shalom Zones were represented and Coordinator, Frank Austin announced a new seventh zone, Unionville, which was also represented. Guest speaker, Alexandra Leahy, of the
April Shalom Zone Meeting
 Greetings Shalom Zones!  The next City-Wide Shalom Zone Meeting will be on April 8th from 3pm to 5pm. We will meet at the Family Investment Building at 905 Main St. in Macon. Please invite everyone from your Shalom Zone Team and all
Shalom Zones are Energized
The Macon Shalom Zones met on Wednesday, March 10, at the Family Investment Center. Turn out was good including representatives from five of the six Shalom Zones and Mayor Robert Reichert. Community Partnership representative, Travis Blackwell, handed over the role